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Aerospace Applications



Cleaning of Aircraft Engine Components
for Manufacturing and MRO

Whether you manufacture aircraft engines components or provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, PROCECO offers a wide selection of aqueous, single- or multi-stage parts washer models to meet your parts cleaning needs. By integrating everything from automated parts handling and DI (deionized) water production to wastewater treatment, these industrial systems are designed to deliver high quality and repeatable cleaning results while reducing chemical and labor costs.

Trust PROCECO’s extensive experience to supply you with tailored solutions, from design concept to turnkey installation, to degrease, clean and dry your aircraft components.

Parts Washer Model Selection for Cleaning
Aircraft Engine Components:

PC Turntable

Fixed turntable;
Cleans small- to medium-
size parts;
Load capacity from 500
to 2,000 lbs

LD Turntable

Swing-out turntable;
Low-loading height;
Load capacity up to 1,000 lbs

HD Turntable

Swing-out turntable;
Ideal for large and heavy loads;
Load capacity from 1,000
to 20,000 lbs

FTT Turntable

Fixed turntable;
Vertical sliding door;
Load capacity from 2,500
to 20,000 lbs

ADT Automated Immersion

Automatic parts transfer;
Multi-stage configuration;
Immersion bath size from
8 cu. ft.

SI Spray Immersion

2- and 4-basket capacity configuration;
Baskets can be replaced by holding fixtures;
Customizable model

MB-H Belt Conveyor

Standard conveyor width:
24", 36", 48";
Single- and multi-stage configuration;
Load capacity up to 300 lbs/square foot