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Rail /Transit Applications

Cleaning and Degreasing


LTEW Locomotive Truck and Engine Washers


PROCECO's LTEW Locomotive Truck and Engine Washers are engineered to wash and rinse diesel engine blocks mounted into a rotary fixture; oil pans deposited on the cabinet platform; or 2- and 3-axle locomotive truck/bogie frames (without traction motors). The system has a load capacity of up to 60,000 lbs.

These heavy-duty parts cleaning systems are top loading. The workpiece is loaded by overhead crane (supplied by customer) onto the support platform in the spray cabinet. During the cleaning cycle, a spray nozzle frame surrounding the workpiece on all 4 sides travels back and forth over the entire length of the part to effectively clean all surfaces. Engine blocks are rotated by the fixture while the other components remain stationary during the process. The washer functions are controlled by a PLC. A wide range of options such as sludge conveyor are available to enhance performance and increase production.

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case studies

- Automatic cleaning of locomotive engine blocks and bogies