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Whether you manufacture aircraft engine components or provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, PROCECO offers a wide selection of aqueous, single- or multi-stage parts washer models to meet your parts cleaning needs. By integrating everything from automated parts handling and DI (deionized) water production to wastewater treatment, these industrial systems are designed to deliver high quality and repeatable cleaning results while reducing chemical and labor costs.

Trust PROCECO's extensive experience to supply you with tailored solutions, from design concept to turnkey installation, to degrease, clean, and dry your aircraft components.

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TYPHOON®-AWW Aircraft Wheel Cleaning System

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-AWW aircraft wheel cleaning system is designed to clean up to 30 aircraft wheel hubs of any size in an 8-hour shift (1 wheel every 16 minutes). This unique parts washer complies with environmental regulations and uses the latest aqueous, solvent-free, cleaning technology to remove grease, rubber residues, dirt, and brake dust from wheel hubs prior to their inspection or overhaul.

The standard model uses recirculating, hot alkaline aqueous solution sprayed onto the wheel at high pressure to remove oil, grease, and dirt. At the same time, the rotating brush scrubs the external wheel surface to remove accumulated rubber on the bead seat area. The wheel is then rinsed with fresh water and blow-off dried.

Based on our experience, mechanical scrubbing is the most effective method for removing embedded rubber residues without the application of solvents. To achieve similar results utilizing only water pressure, extensive pressure above 300psi would be required, resulting in more system maintenance and a shorter life span for system components.

Automated Immersion System - (ADT)

PROCECO's ADT tank lines are multi-stage systems designed for aqueous-cleaning, pre-treatment, and surface treatment by wet dip processes. Each immersion system is custom-engineered for specific applications and workpieces.

PROCECO's ADT immersion lines accommodate a range of processes in the aviation, automotive, and general manufacturing industries, including parts degreasing, anodizing, chemical pickling, and manganese phosphate conversion coating (Lubrite®). PROCECO provides complete solutions from initial concept to turnkey installation.

Tailored to your exact needs, our systems offer automation, process control, dynamic scheduling, and automatic part transfer hoists. Additional processes, such as ultrasonics, agitation, turbulation rotation, and spray cleaning can be integrated into any immersion system to enhance parts cleaning and surface treatment. This flexibility makes PROCECO's ADT immersion lines ideal for any parts manufacturing environment.

When you invest in a PROCECO ADT immersion tank line, you can increase your production output, improve the quality and consistency of your parts cleaning processes, and at the same time significantly reduce your operating costs.

TYPHOON®-OCW Overhead Conveyor Parts Washer

The TYPHOON®-OCW incorporates a powered monorail overhead conveyor to move parts through each process. The machine design saves floor space by hanging long parts from the conveyor vertically rather than conveying them horizontally.

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-OCW can be engineered for parts cleaning, surface pre-treatment, and treatment processes such as phosphating and Lubrite®. Because of PROCECO's modular design approach, various standard modules can be added together to create a multi-stage process. Available modules include recirculated spray wash and rinse, immersion, ultrasonics, drying, and cooling.

To further customize an overhead conveyor system to meet your specific application needs, you can choose to incorporate several other options, such as automatic loading, custom designed parts-holding fixtures, and cleaning solution filtration.

Automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Immersion Systems - (FPI)

PROCECO's FPI processing equipment consists of multi-stage immersion systems that integrate aqueous parts cleaning, surface preparation, and surface treatment in one automated process. PROCECO's automated FPI systems are ideal for revealing flaws, cracks and fatigue signs, and for exposing metal grain structure on the surfaces of aerospace turbine engine components. The systems can also be engineered for other liquid penetrant inspection processes, such as Blue Etch Anodize (BEA) and chemical etch inspection.

PROCECO provides complete solutions from initial concept to turnkey installation, including complementary water and wastewater treatment systems. Each liquid penetrant and FPI system is custom-designed to meet customer's specifications, parts, and production output criteria. Our systems offer process automation, process control, dynamic scheduling, and automatic part transfer, all tailored to your exact needs. Additional processes, such as ultrasonics, agitation, and spray cleaning can also be integrated into any FPI system for enhanced immersion parts cleaning and surface treatment.


The PROCECO model VRCP is a batch-type, power-spray cabinet that uses water-based solutions to clean large landing gear components of up to 6,000 lbs, loaded vertically in a swing-out holding fixture.

Cleaning is achieved by a powerful nozzle manifold that surrounds all four sides of the stationary workpiece and travels vertically, up and down the entire height of the part. In addition, a central nozzle pipe oscillates vertically to spray all internal surfaces to ensure complete coverage. The system effectively removes oil, grease, debris, and dust from parts surfaces, yet requires only a short cycle time.

The VRCP model is available in a single- or multi-stage configuration. Each recirculated stage has its own dedicated tank, heating system, circulation pump, cycle controls, and spray manifolds.

TYPHOON®-HD Heavy-Duty Turntable Parts Washer

PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD turntable spray cabinet washers are designed to clean large parts placed directly on a swing-out turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets. This heavy-duty industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat, and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease parts to your specification within minutes – ideal for cleaning in manufacturing, maintenance, and remanufacturing applications. In addition to parts cleaning, this system can also be engineered for sprayed surface-treat processes such as phosphating and boron nitride coating.

TYPHOON®-HD's design features a large-volume solution tank, which reduces the likelihood of foaming by reducing agitation through pumping action, helps to settle contamination, and also reduces tank clean-out frequency. Many other design features, such as low-maintenance pumps, digital temperature controllers, and cycle timers are standard on all PROCECO turntable parts washers. These cabinet parts washers can also be easily customized by choosing from over 40 available pre-engineered options.

TYPHOON®-PC Turntable Parts Washer

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC parts washer is designed for aqueous cleaning and degreasing of small- to medium-size workpieces. Larger parts are placed directly on the cabinet-mounted turntable, while small parts are batch-loaded into baskets to be processed. This front-loading industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat, and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease your parts in minutes.

PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC parts washers also feature a large-volume solution tank, which reduces the likelihood of foaming by reducing agitation through pumping action, and also helps to settle contamination. The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC requires limited floor space and is ideally suited to lean manufacturing cells or maintenance and repair centers.

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC turntable spray washer is available in single- or multi-stage configurations including recirculated wash and rinse stages. Design features such as low-maintenance pumps, digital temperature controllers, and cycle timers are standard on PROCECO turntable parts washers. The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC cabinet washers can easily be customized by choosing from a variety of available pre-engineered options.

TYPHOON®-PCE Turntable Parts Washer

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PCE spray cabinet parts washer is ergonomically designed to improve cleaning tasks and productivity, with operator health and safety in mind.

Some key features for the TYPHOON®-PCE include an optimal loading height, which provides the ideal height for ergonomic parts handling, and reduced need for reaching, therefore allowing the operator to stand closer to the washer during loading-unloading operations, and an easy-to-access turntable, which keeps workload within easy reach.

The TYPHOON®-PCE is ideal for cleaning and degreasing small- to medium-size workpieces during the manufacturing process. Larger parts are placed directly on the cabinet-mounted turntable while small parts are batch-loaded into baskets to be processed. This turntable washer combines aqueous cleaning solution, heat, and pressure to remove machining coolant, oils, metal debris, and dust from your parts within minutes.

TYPHOON® SI-1 and SI-2 Spray-Immersion Parts Washer

The TYPHOON®-SI is a compact, ergonomically-designed parts washer, ideal for machined component precision cleaning. The SI parts washer can be installed easily and conveniently into a manufacturing cell, and can handle a wide variety of complex small- or medium-size parts using standard baskets (two or four) or custom-engineered PROCECO holding fixtures.

The SI parts washer comes complete with fully recirculated, aqueous immersion wash and rinse. At the beginning of every wet-process stage, the rotating basket fixture is power-sprayed by V-jet spray nozzles filling the immersion tank. Basket rotation during immersion and power-spraying ensures precision cleaning and complete removal of contamination. Following all wet-process stages, the parts are sprayed without immersion, thereby ensuring that they will not be recontaminated.

A high-pressure regenerative blower removes most of the water from the parts; an optional heater is also available.

The TYPHOON® SI-1's cleaning chamber has a capacity of two standard baskets while the SI-2 model has four-basket capacity per batch.

TYPHOON® SI+ Spray-Immersion Parts Washer for Large Complex Parts

This larger version of the spray immersion parts washer is designed for precision cleaning of large complex parts such as cylinder blocks or heads. The SI+ parts washer features triple-action cleaning technology that combines high-impact spray, turbulent immersion with rotation, and forced flushing to remove machining oil and coolant, grease, and metal chips from newly-machined or prior-to-rebuild parts. This parts washer uses fully recirculated, filtered, hot aqueous cleaning solutions for maximum energy efficiency and reduced water usage.

Workpieces are loaded through a large top cover or front door onto a custom-engineered fixture. The fixture can be designed to receive single large parts, a multitude of smaller parts, or a combination of both.

The TYPHOON® SI+ parts washer is available in three sizes with options such as top or front loading, automatic part transfer, rinse stages, and sludge removal. The TYPHOON® SI+ produces clean and dry parts at minimal cost, and can be configured to meet your specific cleaning needs.

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