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Pre-Owned PROCECO Equipment

Are you looking for quality parts washers at a fraction of the price? PROCECO has pre-owned parts cleaning equipment for sale. PROCECO parts washers are built to last and achieve high cleaning performance year after year. Even with a few years of service, they still represent an excellent value for your money.

All pre-owned equipment offered by PROCECO:

  • Is meticulously inspected by PROCECO technicians
  • Is clean and in good condition
  • Can be purchased as-is
  • Can be adapted to meet your needs
  • Includes operation and maintenance user documentation
  • Is supported by PROCECO's Customer Service department


PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD with 88" diameter turntable

Heavy-duty 10,000-lb capacity spray cabinet washer with a swing-out turntable and a working height of 84". Automatic two-stage cleaning process: recirculated wash and rinse.

Well equipped: Automatic solution level control, 7-day programmable timers, digital solution temperature controllers, and exhaust blower. Electrical heating. Stainless-steel 304 construction with thermal/sound insulation on cabinet and tank walls.

  • Double, full-flow bag filter with pressure switch on the wash stage
  • Hydraulically actuated door operation
  • Removable safety railing on turntable
Year of Construction
  • 2000
Wash Stage
  • Recirculated
  • Operating temperature: 140-180°F
  • Pump motor: 50 hp
  • Pump flow: 400 gpm
  • Pump pressure: 140 psi
Electrical Connection
  • 575V/3-phase/60Hz
Rinse Stage
  • Recirculated
  • Operating temperature: 140-180°F
  • Pump motor: 10 hp
  • Pump flow: 175 gpm
  • Pump pressure: 55 psi