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Spray Cabinet Parts Washers

PROCECO spray cabinet washers combine pressure, heat, and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease components to your specifications within minutes. Available in different models to suit your parts cleaning needs, your cabinet parts washer can be designed in single- or multi-stage configurations and customized by choosing from over 40 available options. Features such as digital temperature controllers and 7-day timers are standard on all PROCECO systems.

PROCECO PC Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

PC Turntable

Fixed turntable;
Cleans small-to-medium-
size parts;
Load capacity from 500
to 2,000 lbs

PROCECO PCE Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

PCE Turntable

Fixed turntable;
Ergonomic design;
Cleans small-to-medium-
Load capacity from 500
to 1,000 lbs

PROCECO LD Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

LD Turntable

Swing-out turntable;
Low-loading height;
Load capacity up to 1,000 lbs

PROCECO TYPHOON-HD Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

HD Turntable

Swing-out turntable;
Ideal for large and
heavy loads;
Load capacity from 1,000 to
20,000 lbs

PROCECO FTT Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

FTT Turntable

Fixed turntable;
Vertical Sliding Door;
Load capacity from 2,500
to 20,000 lbs

PROCECO RW Rotary Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

RW Rotary

Indexing rotary table;
Single- and multi-stage configuration;
Single load/unload point

PROCECO RCP Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

RCP Reciprocating Nozzle Frame

Sliding doors cabinet access;
Components are deposited on cabinet platform;
Load capacity up to 8,000 lbs

PROCECO VRCP Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

VRCP Vertical Reciprocating Nozzle Frame

Parts are cleaned in vertical position;
External and internal surface cleaning;
Load capacity up to 6,000 lbs

PROCECO ICW Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

Pipe Cleaning System

Pipe diameter up to 14";
Pipe length up to 300"