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TYPHOON® SI-1 and SI-2 Spray-Immersion Parts Washer

TYPHOON® SI-1 and SI-2 Spray-Immersion Parts Washer                                               

The TYPHOON®-SI is a compact, ergonomically-designed parts washer, ideal for machined component precision cleaning. The SI parts washer can be installed easily and conveniently into a manufacturing cell, and can handle a wide variety of complex small- or medium-size parts using standard baskets (two or four) or custom-engineered PROCECO holding fixtures.

The SI parts washer comes complete with fully recirculated, aqueous immersion wash and rinse. At the beginning of every wet-process stage, the rotating basket fixture is power-sprayed by V-jet spray nozzles filling the immersion tank. Basket rotation during immersion and power-spraying ensures precision cleaning and complete removal of contamination. Following all wet-process stages, the parts are sprayed without immersion, thereby ensuring that they will not be recontaminated.

A high-pressure regenerative blower is also supplied to remove most of the water from the parts; an optional heater is also available.

The cleaning chamber of the TYPHOON® SI-1 has two standard-basket capacity while the SI-2 model has 4-basket capacity per batch.

Why does PROCECO TYPHOON®-SI out-perform every other spay-immersion parts washer?
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Typical Applications

Hot-side components of jet engines are final cleaned prior to MRO operations. This parts washer cleans 4 loaded baskets per batch; the cleaning process features recirculating spray immersion with ultrasonic wash and rinse stages, followed by an air blow-off

This spray-immersion system features a recirculated wash and rinse stage followed by an air blow-off drying stage to clean injector sleeves. Standard baskets are replaced by special pallets designed to hold parts in a specific position; the washer is loaded with three palettes per batch and cleans 1800 parts/hr

Cleaning after machining of truck V8 engine block, head, and crankshaft to remove cutting fluids, oil, and chips by a single spray-immersion recirculating wash stage and an air blow-off. The system delivers one batch consisting of a single block, or a cylinder head and crankshaft, loaded into a custom-designed rotating fixture every 6 minutes






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