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Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Éco-Smart® Mechanical Vapor-Recompression (MVR) Evaporators

PROCECO Éco-Smart® Mechanical Vapor-Recompression (MVR) Evaporators

A Zero-Discharge Wastewater Reclamation System

By adding an Éco-Smart® MVR to your cleaning process, you can recycle up to 98% of your industrial process water and significantly reduce your wastewater hauling and disposal costs, while also improving your process quality. By routing the cleaning solution to the Éco-Smart®, you create a closed loop – extracting dissolved contaminants and replenishing your solution with clean, recycled water.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Applications

  • Parts washer cleaning solutions and rinse water
  • Liquid penetrant rinse water
  • Surface treatment rinse water
  • Oily emulsions/coolants
  • Wet vibratory finishing
  • Die casting and extrusion
  • Concentrates from membrane filtration
  • DI (deionized) water regeneration

 Eco-Smart Solution Before and After

The PROCECO Éco-Smart® mechanical vapor-recompression evaporator system is a low-energy evaporation method that generates a high-quality distillate ready to be re-used. The Éco-Smart® MVR does not use an electric, gas or steam heat source to generate the distillate; this makes it a more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to conventional wastewater concentration technologies.

PROCECO Éco-Smart® MVR evaporators are at their best when evaporating large quantities of dilute solutions, such as the rinse water that is common to surface treatment, aqueous parts washing, liquid penetrant inspection or die casting. In most cases, the distillate meets or exceeds process water purity requirements and can be re-used without further treatment.

PROCECO Éco-Smart® MVR Evaporator Benefits

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