Difficulties meeting cleanliness specifications for automotive parts manufacturers

Difficulties Meeting Cleanliness Specifications: An In Situ Analysis

Last Updated Jun 28, 2022Anonymous Collaborator

Particles produced by upstream processes such as grinding, polishing, and blasting, proximity to adjacent activities that produce contaminants, ventilation, improper part handling, and an unclean environment are factors that make meeting cleanliness requirements difficult. In this blog, we explain how to address these factors in order to attain cleanliness requirements.

Contaminants and aqueous parts washing

Contaminants and Aqueous Parts Washing

Last Updated Nov 30, 2020Thierry Moutier

It is important to know what types of soils are present on the parts as well as the composition of the component to be cleaned. This will determine the cleaning process needed to remove the soils. In addition, maintaining the cleaning process will require systems to remove the soils from the washer.