Green Efficiencies/Benefits

The high costs associated with waste management and purchasing of new cleaning chemistry are an enormous challenge for many industrial facilities. In addition, your waste disposal practices have to comply with the specific standards laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), because failure to do so can negatively impact your company's profitability and credibility.

Improve Cleaning Quality and Reduce Costs

PROCECO helps you improve cleaning quality and reduce costs

Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services, we offer complete turnkey solutions that:

  • Reduce wastewater disposal and equipment ownership costs
  • Improve cleaning quality and minimize wastewater
  • Extend the lifespan of cleaning solutions (such as cleaning baths and detergent)
  • Recycle rinse water and eliminate sewer discharge
  • Employ water conservation principles

By relying on these solutions, you will not only meet specific environmental standards, but reduce your overall waste disposal costs.

Examples of EPA's environmental standards:

  • Part 413-Electroplating Point Source Category
  • Part 438-Metal Products And Machinery Point Source Category
  • Part 467-Aluminum Forming Point Source Category
Éco-Smart helps you meet specific environmental standards and reduce your overall waste disposal costs.

Green, biodegradable cleaning chemistry

Our biodegradable aqueous-based chemistry does not produce hazardous waste, which makes it easier to treat and process than traditional, often volatile solvents. The non-toxic, non-flammable nature of our chemistry improves workplace safety and air quality, while still delivering unmatched cleaning performance.

Our key features include:

  • Low-temperature cleaning
  • Recirculated rinses
  • Mechanical oil separation
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Mechanical vapor recompression
  • Rinse water recycling
  • Sludge removal
  • Mist eliminators

Water conservation and rinse water recycling

Éco-Smart - water conservation and rinse water recycling

By treating spent solutions with our system, you can continuously reuse rinse water in your industrial processes instead of discarding it as hazardous waste. You can also decrease disposal costs and waste volumes by safely sending spent solutions to the city sewer.

One of our main advantages is that we offer wastewater treatment and parts cleaning as a single turnkey solution, reducing the risks associated with having multiple suppliers.

Extend the Lifespan of Cleaning Solutions

Use our ultrafiltration technology to separate emulsified oils and sludge build-up from oil saturated cleaning liquids, extending the lifespan of your cleaning bath six-fold and reducing the frequency of dumping. Doing so can cut your detergent costs by up to 50%.


  • Parts washer cleaning baths
  • Surface finishing degreasing bath
  • Spent metalworking fluids
  • Die casting wastewater
  • Vibratory finishing wastewater

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