Meeting Cleanliness Requirements

Aligning available cleaning systems and chemistry with strict industry standards is not easy - yet it is vital to optimize performance and ensure reliability of finished products and individual components. You know that parts cleaning involves careful planning, and even a small mistake can have costly repercussions - from terminated supply agreements to late shipments and rework.

How We Will Meet Your Cleanliness Requirements

Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services, we have a proven process to help you meet your requirements, because we understand that cleanliness means quality. Here's how we approach new client engagements:

  1. Evaluate your parts cleaning needs.
  2. Discuss your process objectives.
  3. Align on your cleaning and drying criteria.
  4. Design and develop a cost-effective solution that integrates with your process.
  5. Manufacture, install and commission your system.

Align Technology with Your Needs

Failure to align an effective cleaning method with your production flow can easily result in inconsistent component quality and supply, leading to cancelled Tier 1 contracts and additional expenses. Our solutions can also integrate into your production flow - from manual to fully automatic - while reducing chemical and labor costs. To help you achieve consistent cleaning results, we offer a wide selection of aqueous, single-stage or multi-stage parts washer models that integrate a variety of cleaning methods, including:

  • Precision cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Power spray
  • Power flushing
  • Immersion
  • Slurry blasting

Maintain Production Rate Efficiency

Committed to helping you maintain production rate efficiency, we're focused on minimizing downtime and rejected parts, so you never have to worry about shipping your products late again. Our systems also minimize parts travel between operations, while eliminating intermediate storage and reducing the number of parts in-process.

PROCECO is committed to helping you maintain production rate efficiency
Our modular indexing conveyor system can clean and dry an engine head every 25 seconds, which amounts to 240 engine heads per hour.

Tackle Any Challenge In a Cost-Effective Manner

Decades of experience in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, rail & transit, and general manufacturing have given us opportunities to repurpose our expertise to innovate cross-functional solutions to new challenges.

This allows us to meet your exact requirements on budget and enable you to do what you do best - ship a high-quality product on time.

PROCECO Solutions Integrate:

  • Process Know-How
  • Sound Engineering
  • Reliable Componentry
  • Competitive Cost of Ownership
  • Process Lab Results
  • Quality Workmanship
After developing an efficient process to check aerospace components for cracks, we were able to re-engineer the process for aluminum automotive parts.
PROCECO innovate cross-functional solutions to face new challenges