Pre-Owned PROCECO Equipment

Are you looking for quality parts washers at a fraction of the price? PROCECO has pre-owned parts cleaning equipment for sale. PROCECO parts washers are built to last and achieve high cleaning performance year after year. Even with a few years of service, they still represent an excellent value for your money.

All pre-owned equipment offered by PROCECO:

  • Is meticulously inspected by PROCECO technicians
  • Is clean and in good condition
  • Can be purchased as-is
  • Can be adapted to meet your needs
  • Includes operation and maintenance user documentation
  • Is supported by PROCECO's Customer Service department

ÉCO-SMART® mechanical vapor-recompression (MVR) evaporators




The PROCECO Éco-Smart® mechanical vapor-recompression evaporator system is a low-energy evaporation method that generates a high-quality distillate ready to be re-used. The Éco-Smart® MVR does not use an electric, gas or steam heat source to generate the distillate; this makes it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional wastewater concentration technologies.

PROCECO Éco-Smart® MVR evaporators are at their best when evaporating large quantities of dilute solutions, such as the rinse water that is common to surface treatment, aqueous parts washing, liquid penetrant inspection or die casting. In most cases, the distillate meets or exceeds process water purity requirements and can be re-used without further treatment.

By adding an Éco-Smart® MVR to your cleaning process, you can recycle up to 98% of your industrial process water and significantly reduce your wastewater transportation and disposal costs, while also improving your process quality. By routing your cleaning solution to an Éco-Smart®, you create a closed loop – extracting dissolved contaminants and replenishing your solution with clean, recycled water.

Exclusive Éco-Smart® Features

  • Efficient heat recovery allowing for a very low specific energy (see performance).
  • Effective natural circulation assures efficient wastewater concentration.
  • With exception to the compressor, the equipment uses no additional pumps and relies strictly on natural circulation created by the vacuum distillation process.
  • A multi-stage cyclone separator purifies the water vapor to produce a high quality distillate and prevents mineral scaling of the compressor internals.
  • The programmable logic controller (PLC) provides versatility; the unit can be integrated into an existing system or operated independently.
  • Fully automatic Allen Bradley PLC control system for unmanned operation.
  • The process control system monitors varying operating parameters and compensates to ensure reliable operation.
  • The vertical heat exchanger arrangement ensures low maintenance costs by allowing particles to settle in the concentrate tank rather than the heat transfer surfaces.
  • The distillate collection tank features a cross flow heat exchanger to pre-heat incoming wastewater.
  • Automatic foam detection with PLC controlled anti-foam dosing prevents foam build-up and eventual system malfunction.
  • The system is housed in an acoustically and thermally insulated enclosure, with detachable panels, providing spacious and rapid maintenance access.
  • The system is equipped with dry contacts for connection to customer's level controls; wastewater, distillate output, and concentrate output.
  • Year of Construction: 2016
  • Capacity (approximately) 1500 gpd
  • Evaporation temperature 188°F
  • Distilled water outflow temperature 130-150°F
  • Wastewater feed maximum 20°C
  • Startup time between concentration cycles 30-45 min
  • Minimum wastewater pH 7
  • Compressor motor 30 hp (7.5 kW)
  • Compressed air consumption (peak demand) 10 scfm
  • Compressed air consumption (effective) < 5 scfm
  • Sound level in 1 m distance (approx.) 80 to 85 dBa
  • Specific energy consumption 0.24 kW/gal
  • Effective power consumption 18 kW
  • Weight 4,000 lbs
  • Dimensions 110"L x 60"W x 110"H