Key Benefits

  • Ideal for small parts cleaning at a high production rate
  • Combines spray and immersion cleaning technologies
  • Tumbling action ensures that all workpiece surfaces are exposed to spray
  • Completely automatic - Minimum effort required from the operator
  • Modular design allows the adding of multiple stages


The TYPHOON®-MD drum washer uses immersion followed by spray to clean small parts such as machine screws, fasteners, die castings, and stamped components in a continuous process. The drum is designed to tumble the parts so that all part surfaces are exposed to the spray jets, as well as to convey the parts through each process.

The washer is completely automatic: the operator loads the parts into a chute at the entrance of the drum, and the cleaned parts are automatically discharged at the opposite end.

The standard cleaning process consists of a heated recirculating stage using aqueous-based detergent. The system's modular design allows for the addition of optional cleaning, rinsing, and drying stages to accommodate any of your specific process and cleanliness requirements.

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-Mini-MD is a very compact version of the drum washer, ideal for restricted floor spaces and for production rates from 3 ft3/h to 6 ft3/h.


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