TYPHOON®-RCP Reciprocating Nozzle Frame Washer

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly power spray cleaning process - no solvents
  • Designed to clean large, heavy workpieces while minimizing floor space
  • Workpieces can be loaded by forklift or overhead crane
  • Fully automatic multi-staged cleaning which eliminates almost all labor input
  • Effectively removes tenacious soils such as grease, carbon, and even paint
  • Complete coverage of all surfaces


The PROCECO TYPHOON®-RCP is a batch-type power-spray cabinet washer designed to clean large, heavy workpieces while taking up minimal floor space. Typical applications include cleaning of die, heavy machinery hydraulic components, and diesel engine blocks. The double sliding doors provide wide access for easy top loading with a hoist or front loading with a forklift.

PROCECO cleaning technology uses environmentally friendly, water-based cleaning solutions instead of harmful solvents. The cleaning process consists of a wash stage using a continuously recirculated, hot-water cleaning solution containing a low detergent concentration (between 2% and 5%). A spray manifold surrounding all four sides of the stationary workpiece power sprays the cleaning solution and travels back and forth across the entire length of the part, ensuring complete coverage of all surfaces. Within a short cycle time, the system effectively removes oil, grease, debris, and dust from part surfaces.

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-RCP is an ideal parts washer for rebuild and remanufacturing applications. The system can also incorporate a selection of options for removing oil and sludge from the solution, which substantially extends solution life and reduces the need for manual tank clean-out.


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