Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly power spray cleaning process - no solvents
  • Recirculating principle - water-based cleaning and rinsing solutions conserve energy, detergent, and water
  • Spray manifold reciprocates vertically for complete coverage
  • Center nozzle pipe cleans inside of tubular parts
  • Short cycle time
  • Available in a single- or multi-stage configurations


The PROCECO VRCP is a batch-type, power-spray cabinet that uses water-based solutions to clean large landing gear components of up to 6,000 lbs, loaded vertically in a swing-out holding fixture.

Cleaning is achieved by a powerful nozzle manifold that surrounds all four sides of the stationary workpiece and travels vertically, up and down the entire height of the part. In addition, a central nozzle pipe oscillates vertically to spray all internal surfaces to ensure complete coverage. The system effectively removes oil, grease, debris, and dust from parts surfaces, yet requires only a short cycle time.

The VRCP is available in a single- or multi-stage configuration. Each recirculated stage has its own dedicated tank, heating system, circulation pump, cycle controls, and spray manifolds.


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