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PROCECO service call provides detail report of your parts washer’s condition

Our technicians are available to help you with:

  • Inspection
  • Equipment refurbishment
  • Equipment retrofit
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshoot & repair
  • Machine audit
  • Employee training

We will provide you with a detailed report of your washer's condition with recommendations for any maintenance work that may be required to return it to peak performance, at a competitive rate.

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Retrofit Or Refurbish

PROCECO retrofit and refurbish service will guarantee the most effective modernization of your parts washer

You're satisfied with your PROCECO washer, but you need to have it modified or refurbished? It is time to contact PROCECO.

Our in-depth knowledge of our equipment as well as our continuously developing expertise in a variety of applications will guarantee the most effective modernization of your equipment.

To propose a specific plan of action, PROCECO will review and audit the equipment, discuss your expectations and objectives, and prepare a quotation. Contact us and we'll get in touch with you to discuss details.

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PROCECO preventive maintenance service help you prevent potential issues and keep your parts washer in proper working form

Prevent potential issues with your parts washer by taking corrective action immediately!

Scheduling preventive maintenance allows you to keep your machine in proper working form, preventing unexpected and costly downtime affecting your production.

With our Preventive Maintenance Program, we'll evaluate your machine and develop a customized preventative maintenance checklist for you including our recommendations for repairs or changes to help you keep your machine in production.

For any service request, simply contact our Customer Support Department to book an appointment. Our technicians are available to help you! Take action today!

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Machine Audit

PROCECO machine audit helps you evaluate your parts washer’s potential failure source and performance gaps

PROCECO's Machine Audit consists of a technical evaluation to detect possible failure sources, and performance gaps that can affect your system's reliability, efficiency and rate of production. It provides an ideal opportunity for customers to gain insight into factors that may be affecting overall productivity targets and downtime.

Regularly scheduled audits will ensure the smooth operation of your PROCECO washer and enable us to foresee and prevent potential issues to help you prevent missing productivity targets and avoid costly downtime. It will allow you to take corrective action at the best time.

Our detailed Audit Report will indicate how the machine is currently performing and give recommendations for upgrades and repairs. It will also help you budget for repairs or upgrades.

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PROCECO certified technicians will train operators, maintenance  and supervisor personnel on how to operate your parts washer

Our certified technicians are available to train operators, maintenance, and supervisory personnel directly at your company's location on how to operate your PROCECO system. More importantly, your employees will gain in-depth knowledge of the machine's operation and also how to perform preventative maintenance and troubleshooting if a problem ever occurs.

The five-step on-site training includes:

  1. Equipment description

    Our certified technician will review the cleaning system's manual & schematics with your personnel ensuring a clear understanding of all components.

  2. General safety & operator training

    Operators & maintenance personnel will learn about the machine's safety interlocks, detailed process controls & operational functions of the system.

  3. Machine operations

    The technician will perform test runs, with & without parts, to examine & verify that all stages are properly working.

  4. Preventive maintenance

    Operators & maintenance personnel will be trained on how to perform routine preventive maintenance for each component.

  5. Troubleshooting & corrective maintenance

    Employees will learn how to resolve issues without requiring assistance from a PROCECO technician.

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