Typhoon®-HD Heavy-Duty Washer Features the Auto-Slip/Zero-Fail Turntable Drive System

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD heavy-duty turntable washer achieve outstanding cleaning results with a long operational life and minimal maintenance.

Unlike cogged systems, this a zero-fail turntable drive system. A heavy-duty roller chain rides the periphery of the turntable, which provides suitable friction to rotate the heaviest of loads, but enough slack to ensure slippage from any type of obstruction.

The gear drive and the heavy-duty, chrome-plated roller chain ensure that the turntable continues to rotate even with heavy loads while permitting slippage if a part happens to fall and obstruct turntable rotation.

Compare this to parts washers using positive gear drive: if parts fall and block the turntable movement on such systems, the gears and drive can break causing downtime and requiring maintenance or replacement.


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