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Wagon and Passenger Car Bogie Washers

PROCECO offers aqueous cleaning systems to wash trucks and bogies from all kinds of railway rolling stock: locomotives, freight, and passenger cars, EMUs/DMUs, light rail and mass transit systems, and high speed trains. 

Our family of Bogie Washers is customized to clean bogies of all designs, load and speed capacities, and rail gauges.

Our automatic parts cleaning systems permit non-destructive inspection, reconditioning, and MRO according to AAR (Association of American Railroads) standards and guidelines.


Rail-Fed Bogie Washer

PROCECO's Bogie Washer (BW) cleans railway trucks and bogies with the help of high-pressure spray jets of heated aqueous solution.

These systems are capable of cleaning assembled bogies, rolling on their own wheels, as well as disassembled bogie frames, placed on the loading trolley. This loading trolley is also used to clean baskets full of all other bogie components.

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Crane-Fed Bogie Washer

Bogies and baskets of parts are loaded by overhead cranes into the spray chamber.

A recirculating wash solution followed by a hot freshwater rinse guarantees that all dirt and chemical residues are removed from the part.

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PROCECO develops aqueous cleaning systems that go beyond cleaning, by seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and features that dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.