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Powertrain Component Washers

Effective cleaning of powertrain components is essential to the rebuilding process.

PROCECO has designed and manufactured numerous cleaning systems for remanufacturers of powertrain components worldwide to help meet their production and cleaning requirements.


Heavy-Duty Batch / Cabinet Parts Washers - TYPHOON®-HD

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD heavy-duty turntable washer cleans off-road engine and transmission components. Operators deposit the workpieces directly on the turntable or on a custom-designed work fixture. During the washing cycle, the turntable rotates and exposes the parts to high-pressure spray jets from the top, bottom, and sides. PROCECO can configure the TYPHOON®-HD to meet various process requirements.

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Reciprocating Nozzle Frame Washer - TYPHOON®-RCP

TYPHOON®-RCP is a batch-type power-spray cabinet washer designed to clean large, heavy workpieces while taking up minimal floor space. 

The TYPHOON®-RCP Reciprocating Nozzle Frame washer holds large workpieces horizontally. Spray manifolds oscillate back and forth to cover the entire surface of the part.

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Tunnel Spray-Immersion Parts Washer - TYPHOON®-TSI

The TYPHOON®-TSI cleans and vacuum dries complex workpieces (or baskets) in a single footprint. Engineered to meet the tightest cleanliness requirement on the market, the TYPHOON®-TSI combines the powerful action of spray washing to the immersion action, allowing the solution to reach all surfaces and remove trapped contaminants, even for parts with the most complex geometry.

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Conveyor Parts Washer - TYPHOON® MB

The PROCECO TYPHOON® MB incorporates rugged construction with state-of-the-art cleaning technology resulting in the most comprehensive spray belt aqueous cleaning system on the market today. Conveyor parts washers are designed in single- and multi-stage configurations to spray clean parts and perform any additional processes if required.

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PROCECO develops aqueous cleaning systems that go beyond cleaning, by seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and features that dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.