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Rail-Fed Bogie Washer

Key benefits

  • Ideal for high production — eight bogies per eight-hour shift
  • Outstanding removal of grease, dust, and road dirt
  • PROCECO's exclusive reciprocating spray manifold delivers high flow to all workpiece surfaces
  • Trolley available to clean bare bogies and other components
  • Integrated sludge removal conveyor prolongs solution life
  • Fully automatic sequence


Rail-Fed Bogie washing plants are aqueous degreasing systems specifically designed to automatically wash and rinse transit car and locomotive bogies/trucks (without traction motors) moving on their own wheels, in various states of disassembly.

These cleaning systems use PROCECO's exclusive spray manifold design, which surrounds the truck/bogie on all four sides and travels back and forth over the entire length of the workpiece to ensure effective cleaning of all surfaces. Depending on the degree of contamination of parts, the system can clean up to eight trucks/bogies per eight -hour shift. Using an optional parts trolley, PROCECO Bogie washers can also clean truck/bogie frames without wheels, as well as various other components. Other options are available for enhanced performance and increased production.

Cleaning Process: In all PROCECO Bogie Washer designs, reciprocating spray manifolds travel the length of the process cabinet while spraying the stationary workpiece from all directions with hot, high-pressure, high pump volume, water-based cleaning solution, containing a low concentration of heavy-duty alkaline detergent. Optional water rinses with or without rust inhibition are available, as well as compressed air blow-off stages. 

Production rate: 1 bogie per hour or 1 trolley with parts per hour.

Our automatic parts cleaning systems permit non-destructive inspection, reconditioning, and MRO according to AAR (Association of American Railroads) standards and guidelines.

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  • Automatic Cleaning of Locomotive, Passenger, and Transit Car Bogies
    Rail and Transit,

    Automatic Cleaning of Locomotive, Passenger, and Transit Car Bogies

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