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Fastener Parts Washers

Fasteners produced by a cold heading process, a turret lathe, or any other forming process are typically covered with oil or coolants and require cleaning before their packaging.

PROCECO has designed many systems for manufacturers of screw machine parts, fasteners, small die castings, and stampings to help meet their production and cleaning requirements.


Rotary Drum Parts Washer - TYPHOON®-MD

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-MD Rotary drum washer is ideal for cleaning small workpieces such as screw machine parts, fasteners, small die castings, and stampings. The rotary drum tumbles the workpieces, exposing all surfaces to the spray cleaning jets.

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Spray-Immersion Cabinet Washer - TYPHOON®-SI

The TYPHOON®-SI is a compact, ergonomically-designed parts washer, ideal for machined component precision cleaning. 

The TYPHOON®-SI parts washer can be installed easily and conveniently into a manufacturing cell, and can handle a wide variety of complex small- or medium-size parts using standard baskets (two or six) or custom-engineered PROCECO holding fixtures.

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Ergonomic Cabinet Washer - TYPHOON®-PCE

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PCE parts washer is designed for aqueous cleaning and degreasing of small- to medium-size workpieces. This front-loading industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat, and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease your parts in minutes.

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PROCECO develops aqueous cleaning systems that go beyond cleaning, by seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and features that dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.