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Stamping, Casting, and Forging Parts Washers

During manufacturing and machining, coolants and chips may contaminate castings and stampings and must be removed prior to subsequent machining operations.

PROCECO has designed many systems for companies involved in the manufacturing or transformation of castings, forgings, and stampings.


Heavy-Duty Batch / Cabinet Parts Washers - TYPHOON®-HD

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD turntable washer cleans large castings and forgings. 

This heavy-duty industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat, and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease parts to your specification within minutes. 

The TYPHOON®-HD can also be easily customized by choosing from over 40 available pre-engineered options.

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Conveyor Parts Washer - TYPHOON® MB

For higher productions such as stampings, a PROCECO's TYPHOON® MB inline conveyor washer is a better solution. Based on a modular approach to provide greater flexibility, conveyor parts washers are designed in single- and multi-stage configurations to spray clean parts and perform any additional processes if required.

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Slurry Blaster - Spinner Hanger

PROCECO's patented slurry blasting technology, also known as wet blasting, provides the ultimate parts cleaning performance within minutes. 

The Spinner Hanger model automatically processes a single large part or batches of parts of various sizes loaded onto a custom-designed holding fixture.

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PROCECO develops aqueous cleaning systems that go beyond cleaning, by seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and features that dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.