Traction Motor Cleaning Systems

  • During the overhaul of traction motors (TMs) the first and most important operation is the perfect cleaning and drying of stator and rotor windings, prior to testing and diagnosing. Poor cleaning, rinsing and drying will cause:
    • False diagnostic test readings which will lead to unnecessary rewinding operations.
    • Residual dirt and carbon dust on stators and rotors will contaminate varnish tanks.
    • Residual detergent left in windings after cleaning will deteriorate insulation and attract humidity, all of which will lead to premature motor failures.
  • PROCECO supplied 81 traction motor cleaning plants to railways around the world since 1975.
  • PROCECO's 4-stage Aqueous Cleaning and Vacuum Drying Technology address and resolve these issues completely. Railways using this technology have found that out of a random sample of TMs returned to the shop for overhaul only ∼10% will actually require partial or complete rewinding operations, while 90% will regain acceptable resistance readings after cleaning and drying and can return to service, after minor repairs and vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI). CLASS-I Railways in US and Canada, using this technology expect a service life of 1,000.000 miles between overhauls.
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Traction motor turntable washers and vacuum dryers


Traction motor turntable washers and vacuum dryers

Traction Motor stators (1/load) and rotors (4/load) are processed through wash-rinse-rinse-vacuum dry, with axis in vertical position. Design is optimal for Traction motors which have rotors with axial cooling ducts, like GE and GM EMD, for example. Mechanical traction motor parts like bearings, bearing housings, pinions, axle cap, etc. are placed on special racks and washed.

Production rate: 4TMs/8hr shift

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PROCECO develops aqueous cleaning systems that go beyond cleaning, by seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and features that dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.