Parts Type Examples and Case Studies

Finding a system that can effectively clean and dry parts with specific dimensions, weight and composition is often a big challenge, particularly if those parts have complex geometries. Whether you need to eliminate contaminants, such as metal chips or abrasive grit, from parts with intersecting holes for fuel/oil passages, or remove tenacious soil from railcar bearings, aircraft wheels or similar components, you need a solution that works.

Find a Solution for Every Parts Type

Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services, we will work closely with you to fully assess your parts and cleaning needs. We will then develop a solution that matches your specific cleaning and drying criteria, while accounting for the weight, size and composition of each workpiece.


Parts type example: Large Landing Gear

Large landing gear supplier uses PROCECO's vertical reciprocating spray manifold washer to clean large landing gear of different types and sizes for commercial jets.

Read a Case Study of our Vertical Reciprocating Spray Manifold to Clean Large Landing Gear


Parts type example: Automotive Camshaft

Tier 1 supplier of automotive camshafts uses PROCECO's walking beam conveyor and its power spray cleaning abilities to flush external part surfaces, internal cavities and threaded holes.

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General Manufacturing

Parts type example: Forming tool

Manufacturer of seamless tubes uses PROCECO's reciprocating spray manifold washer to remove baked-on dirt and grease from tooling surfaces and cavities in one process, doubling its cleaning capacity.

Read a Case Study about our Automatic Cleaning of Metal Forming Tooling

Parts Type Case Studies for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul


Parts type example: Aircraft Propeller Blades

Military aircraft rebuild depot uses PROCECO's seven-stage automated process to clean and anodize aluminum propeller blades for airplanes, improving quality and reliability through consistent and repeatable processes.

Read a Case Study about our Cleaning and Anodizing Line for Aircraft Propeller Blades

General Manufacturing

Parts type example: Large Engine Blocks

Manufacturer of large diesel engines uses PROCECO's precision cleaning station to clean and dry various types of diesel engine blocks without retooling, at the rate of two workpieces per hour.

Read a Case Study about our Precision Cleaning of Large Engine Blocks

Rail and Transit

Parts type example: Railway Bearings

Railroad operator uses PROCECO's HD Turntable washer to remove grease and dirt from railway bearings at the rate of 30 workpieces per hour.

Read a Case Study about our Aqueous Cleaning of Railway Bearings