Aerospace Tube Cleaning System

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly - Aqueous cleaning technology
  • Multi-stage process leaves tubes free of debris, coolants, and forming lubricants
  • Features recirculating wash and rinse stages to conserve energy, detergent, and water
  • Stainless steel construction available in SS304 or SS316 grades
  • Low energy cost – fully insulated
  • PLC controlled for fully programmable automatic processes


Designed for aircraft, rocket and spacecraft tubing, this system utilizes high-velocity aqueous cleaning technology to flush tube interiors and power spray the exterior surfaces. PROCECO's Aerospace Tube Cleaning System is equipped with multiple rinses and hot air purging to ensure that the tubes are both dry and residue-free. All fluids used to clean, rinse, and dry are filtered to as low as 2.5 microns

The Aerospace Tube Cleaning System features a top-loading design and customized manifolds to accommodate various tube assemblies. Stainless-steel, aluminum and titanium aircraft tubes of various geometries - ¼" to 3" in diameter used in pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel and oxygen systems.

Work envelope is 30" Wide x 30" Height. Length available between 180" and 480".


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