Automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Immersion Systems - (FPI)

Key Benefits

  • Combines surface cleaning, preparation, and treatment in one automated process
  • Ideal for revealing flaws, cracks and fatigue signs
  • Automated parts transfer that assures high throughput and process consistency
  • Can be engineered for Blue Etch Anodize (BEA) inspection and chemical etch inspection
  • Each system is custom-designed to meet customer's specifications
  • Ultrasonics, agitation, and spray cleaning can be integrated into the FPI system


PROCECO's FPI processing equipment consists of multi-stage immersion systems that integrate aqueous parts cleaning, surface preparation, and surface treatment in one automated process. PROCECO's automated FPI systems are ideal for revealing flaws, cracks and fatigue signs, and for exposing metal grain structure on the surfaces of aerospace turbine engine components. The systems can also be engineered for other liquid penetrant inspection processes, such as Blue Etch Anodize (BEA) and chemical etch inspection.

PROCECO provides complete solutions from initial concept to turnkey installation, including complementary water and wastewater treatment systems. Each liquid penetrant and FPI system is custom-designed to meet customer's specifications, parts, and production output criteria. Our systems offer process automation, process control, dynamic scheduling, and automatic part transfer, all tailored to your exact needs. Additional processes, such as ultrasonics, agitation, and spray cleaning can also be integrated into any FPI system for enhanced immersion parts cleaning and surface treatment.


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