Key Benefits

  • Effectively removes grease and road dirt from the locomotive and car wheelsets
  • Low loading height for overhead crane access
  • Ergonomic manual counterbalanced lid for ease of operation
  • Rotates wheelset to clean all surfaces
  • Configurable for all sizes and gauges of wheelsets
  • Optional sludge removal conveyor prolongs solution life


The PROCECO model WSW-CF wheelset washer is a crane-fed spray washer designed to clean locomotive or car wheelsets. Proceco's unique heavy-duty design is intended to remove tenacious soils such as bituminous gear lubricant, grease, and road dirt. Wheelsets are power spray cleaned using a low concentration alkaline detergent solution (1 - 3%) at 160-180°F (71-82°C). A final freshwater rinse with rust inhibitor removes detergent residues and is followed by a flash drying sequence. Typical cycle times range from 10 - 15 minutes, allowing processing up to four wheelsets per hour.


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