Rail-fed Wheelset Washer

Key Benefits

  • Effectively removes grease and road dirt from the locomotive and car wheelsets
  • Outstanding removal of grease, dust, and road dirt
  • Rotates wheel-set to clean all surfaces
  • Fully automatic sequence
  • Configurable for all sizes and gauges of wheelsets
  • Integrated sludge removal conveyor prolongs solution life


The PROCECO rail-fed wheelset washer effectively removes grease and road dirt from locomotive or car wheelsets. Wheelset washers are pit-mounted in line with workshop floor-level tracks for a pass-through operation, allowing processing up to four wheelsets per hour.

Wheelsets are loaded onto the incoming track and roll by themselves against a stop in front of the washer for the operator to release and push them into the cabinet. During the cleaning process, the washer rotates the wheelset to expose all surfaces to the multiple cleaning jets. Once the cleaning cycle is completed, wash cabinet doors open automatically and the cleaned wheelset is ejected onto the outbound track.


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