Traction Motor Cleaning and Vacuum Drying Plant

Key Benefits

  • Proven choice of rebuilders worldwide for traction motor cleaning
  • Environmentally safe - heavy-duty, fully automatic degreasing process
  • Effectively remove oil, greases, and road dirt
  • Full high flow spray coverage of motor interior and exterior
  • 3 stage - fully recirculating wash process effectively rinses-off detergent residue resulting in fewer rejects
  • Vacuum dryer features low-energy principle to completely dry - deep inside the windings


As a key partner to the rail and transit industry PROCECO has helped modernize maintenance depot parts cleaning operations, replacing harmful chemicals and manual processes with environmentally friendly, automatic degreasing equipment. All of our cleaning technology uses water-based cleaning solutions instead of harmful solvents. During the wash cycle, workpieces are sprayed with recirculated, hot aqueous solution containing a low detergent concentration (between 2% and 5%) to effectively remove oil, greases, and road dirt prior to rebuilding processes.


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PROCECO develops aqueous cleaning systems that go beyond cleaning, by seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and features that dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.