Key Benefits

  • Ideal for tough-to-clean parts with complex geometries and intricate bores
  • Fully recirculating process: each stage includes its tank and process pump
  • High turbulation created by power spray and immersion
  • Compact, ergonomic design with all services at the rear
  • Multiple programs for different parts and cleaning processes
  • PLC controlled


The TYPHOON®-SI is a compact, ergonomically-designed parts washer, ideal for machined component precision cleaning. The TYPHOON®-SI parts washer can be installed easily and conveniently into a manufacturing cell, and can handle a wide variety of complex small- or medium-size parts using standard baskets (two or six) or custom-engineered PROCECO holding fixtures.

The TYPHOON®-SI parts washer comes complete with fully recirculated, aqueous immersion wash and rinse. At the beginning of every wet-process stage, the rotating basket fixture is power-sprayed by V-jet spray nozzles filling the immersion tank. Basket rotation during immersion and power-spraying ensures precision cleaning and complete removal of contamination. Following all wet-process stages, the parts are sprayed without immersion, thereby ensuring that they will not be re-contaminated.

A high-pressure regenerative blower removes most of the water from the parts; an optional heater is also available.


This larger version of the spray immersion parts washer is designed for precision cleaning of large complex parts such as cylinder blocks or heads.

Workpieces are loaded through a large top cover or front door onto a custom-engineered fixture. The fixture can be designed to receive single large parts, a multitude of smaller parts, or a combination of both.

The TYPHOON®-SI+ parts washer is available in three sizes with options such as top or front loading, automatic part transfer, rinse stages, and sludge removal. The TYPHOON®-SI+ produces clean and dry parts at minimal cost, and can be configured to meet your specific cleaning needs.


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