TYPHOON®-TSI Tunnel Spray Immersion

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for precision cleaning of complex parts
  • High turbulation created by power spray and immersion
  • Ideal for tough-to-clean parts with complex geometries and intricate bores
  • Vacuum Drying option available
  • PLC controlled


The TSI washer is PROCECO's response to precision cleaning and vacuum drying complex workpieces (or baskets) in a single footprint.

Workpieces are fixtured on a pallet with single-point loading/unloading designed to be integrated into feed conveyors.

Engineered to meet the tightest cleanliness requirement on the market, the TSI combines the powerful action of spray washing to the immersion action, allowing the solution to reach all surfaces and remove trapped contaminants, even for parts with the most complex geometry.

Additionally - the TSI design allows for vacuum drying directly in the washing chamber for complete process versatility.


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