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At PROCECO, the reliability of our equipment is our top priority and the cornerstone of our commitment to our customers.

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PROCECO Customer Support is available 24/7 to answer your questions and to make sure our equipment continues to meet your needs.

PROCECO Customer Service is available to help you with the inspection, equipment refurbishement and retrofit of your PROCECO washer

Monday to Friday
From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM + 1 800 978 6677

PROCECO Customer Support is available 24/7 to answer your questions and to make sure our equipment continues to meet your needs.

In case of emergency
outside of our operating hours
+ 1 514 254 5503

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24/7 Troubleshoot & Repair Your PROCECO Washer

If your PROCECO washer is not performing the way it did when you first received it, our team of skilled technicians and engineers can assist you with any issue - often remotely and at no cost to you.

Our emergency line is accessible 24/7 to answer any issues you're facing with your PROCECO washer. We are here to answer your questions, to troubleshoot and provide replacement parts, and to perform preventive maintenance for you.


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Replacement Parts

Throughout the service life of any equipment, certain components are subject to normal wear and require replacement.

Please consult the REPLACEMENT PARTS section of your PROCECO Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual. The parts in that section are categorized according to their usage on the equipment and are listed with PROCECO part numbers that facilitate the search.

Check the availability of your part and ask for a quote:

Where to find part number?

Where to find PROCECO spare parts number
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If you are not able to identify the part using the documentation you have at hand, we are still here to help you. Click the request quotation button, fill out the form and, if available, add a photo of the part you wish to replace, and be sure to receive a reply from us within one business day!

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PROCECO warrants each machine manufactured to be free from defects in materials, parts and workmanship under normal use and service. Within one (1) year after the shipping date PROCECO commits to providing prompt assistance to the customer on any issue, related to machine's functionality and operation.

Should an equipment malfunction occur, PROCECO shall:

  • Within one business day, provide remote troubleshooting at no cost to the customer.
  • Examine and possibly repair the defective component, returned by the customer.
  • Help the customer avoid downtime by shipping replacement components within the shortest time delay possible at PROCECO's cost.
  • If necessary, dispatch a technician on site and make all travel arrangements at PROCECO's cost.

The customer shall:

  • Promptly return the damaged component for PROCECO's investigation.
  • Should the examination prove the failure to be due to improper operation or maintenance by the customer, the customer shall compensate PROCECO the full cost for repair or replacement of the component shipped.
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