A Guide to Parts Washer Specifications

A practical approach to developing parts washer specifications.

Download this white paper to understand key requirements and considerations when defining your cleaning equipment needs for metalworking industry. This will ensure you get the cleaning results you need based on your quality requirements.

Beyond just cleaning parts, the application engineer has multiple criteria to consider when configuring the washing equipment to meet individual requirements. Filtration, bath life, operating temperature, cleaning chemistry, part orientation, and spray pressures all contribute to the effectiveness of the cleaning process and the repeatability of the results.

Standard catalogue-item aqueous spray or immersion washers will not reliably meet any specific specifications. Depending on your specific requirements special features must be added or an entirely new system specifically engineered for the application may be required.

Our guide will discuss the following topics:

  • Design & construction features of precision cleaning systems
  • Choosing the right cleanliness specification
  • Identification of any ancillary equipment that may be required to meet your requirements

In applications requiring tight cleanliness standards, it is important that the drying system be designed to prevent recontamination of a precision-cleaned workpiece. Blower suction filters and stainless-steel construction for piping, air knives, and nozzles are required to ensure that that only clean air contacts the workpiece.

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