A PROCECO Technical Analysis: Mart's Pump Technology Demystified

Download this white paper to read a key PROCECO Technical Analysis. This will help ensure you get the cleaning results you need based on your quality requirements.

PROCECO started designing and building their own high-pressure pumps (over 70 psi) in the mid-eighties, when they could not source pumps that operated reliably under the harsh conditions of power spray washing.

Our competition would have you believe that they not only invented spray washing, but also invented pump technology!

Mart claims they have engineered their pump systems. However, the truth is that they use standard pumps manufactured by the Carver Pump Company.

In fact, Mart's entire pump line-up from 20 to 90 HP is made up of either a single pump model with varying impeller diameters or a combination of two pumps, again with varying impeller diameters. This is illustrated with several examples in this white paper.

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