Meeting Cleanliness Requirements With Aqueous Cleaning

An environmentally sound way of cleaning components to very high cleanliness standards.

Download this white paper to understand key requirements and considerations when defining your cleaning equipment needs for your industrial machining process. This will help ensure you get the cleaning results you need based on your quality requirements.

The use of specially engineered aqueous cleaning equipment is normally needed to obtain the high cleanliness standards that automakers demand in today's more fuel-efficient engine and drivetrain components.

These components have tighter tolerances, which means that even the smallest amount of contaminants could cause a loss of efficiency, damage, wear or corrosion, causing premature end of service life.

A precision cleaning system may incorporate a combination of:

  • Power spray
  • Power flush
  • Rotation with immersion
  • Ultrasonics and possibly precision-aimed, solid-stream nozzles directed at part areas where contamination is trapped

Though such cleaning methods will vary by application, the cleaning equipment must have proper filtration, oil removal, and solution monitoring equipment to achieve consistently clean parts.

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