Reducing the Cost of Locomotive Traction Motor Overhaul

An environmentally sound way of cleaning components to very high cleanliness standards.

Download this white paper to understand key requirements for reducing the cost of locomotive traction motor overhaul. This to ensure you get the cleaning results you need based on your quality requirements.

During the overhaul of traction motors (TMs) the first and most important operation is the perfect cleaning and drying of stator and rotor windings prior to testing and diagnosing. Poor cleaning, rinsing and drying will cause:

  • False diagnostic test readings
  • Residual dirt and carbon dust contaminate varnish tanks
  • Residual detergent premature motor failures

More contents include:

  • Executive summary
  • Overview
  • Overhaul procedures
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Final cleaning
  • Vacuum drying
  • Testing & diagnosis
  • Major cost and quality benefits
  • Attachments

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