Accu-Jet® High-Speed CNC High-Pressure Water Deburring System

Key Benefits

  • Fast cycle time
  • Precision deburring
  • Ideal for compact precision parts
  • Easy to adapt to various part configurations
  • Few moving parts; designed for reliability
  • Process all sides of a part in one setup


The PROCECO Accu-Jet® is a five-axis, CNC controlled, hydro-deburring machine tool designed to flush and deburr precision metal or plastic parts.

At the heart of the Accu-Jet® is a four-axis, CNC controlled cartesian gantry robot designed to pick the part from a conveyor, flush and deburr machined surfaces and narrow cavities using high-pressure water at high speed, and then place the part back onto a conveyor. Cycle times can be greatly reduced with an optional fifth axis, which enables simultaneous processing of multiple part features. High-pressure water up to 10,000 psi is recirculated and filtered to provide a closed-loop and environmentally friendly process.

The Accu-Jet® is also available with manual loading station, optional feed conveyors, high impact air blow-off, and vacuum drying to provide users with a complete integrated solution.

Part manufacturers looking for flexibility, reliability, and repeatability can count on the PROCECO Accu-Jet® to meet all of their production deburring requirements.


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