TYPHOON®-MB-H Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyor Parts Washer

Key Benefits

  • Heavy-duty design with capacities of up to 300 pounds per square foot
  • Thermally insulated, 3/16" welded steel construction standard
  • Extra-large cabinets doors for ease of maintenance
  • Conveyor unloading station outside of the spray enclosure
  • Over 50 pre-engineered options to adapt the washer to your requirements
  • Safety guarding on all moving parts meets or exceeds OSHA requirements


The PROCECO TYPHOON®-MB-H is a heavy-duty pass through conveyor parts washer designed for automatic processing and cleaning of heavily contaminated and/or heavyweight components. Available at capacities of up to 300 pounds per square foot (1465 kg/m2), the TYPHOON®-MB-H heavy-duty pass through parts washer is also available in an optional multi-stage configuration to accommodate required processes such as recirculated wash, recirculated rinse, freshwater rinse, and drying blow-off.


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