TYPHOON®-MB-S Belt Conveyor Washer

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly continuous spray cleaning process
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue
  • Based on a modular approach to provide greater process flexibility
  • Gull-wing door design allows for easy nozzle maintenance
  • Over 50 pre-engineered options to adapt the washer to your requirements
  • Safety guarding on all moving parts meets or exceeds OSHA requirements


PROCECO belt conveyor parts washers are ideal for cleaning parts automatically in a continuous process. Based on a modular approach to provide greater flexibility, belt conveyor washers are designed in single- and multi-stage configurations to spray clean parts and perform any additional processes if required. Each PROCECO belt conveyor parts washer can be easily customized by adding various pre-engineered options to enhance system performance and meet all of your cleaning specifications and requirements.


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